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Computer Optimisation in London

Computer Optimisation in London

Computer optimisation is a very unique tool it completly different to disk space and hardware space, computer optimisation is used to speed up your computer and process it will allow you to use your computer to the max abilities.

There are several reasons for a slow computer:
  • There is not enough memory - many older PC's or new Vista PCs are sold with too little memory (often called RAM).
  • Unwanted/Unessary processes - lots of never used icons in the system tray (next to the time) or unrequested pop-ups are often clues of this problem.
  • Slow/inappropriate choice of security software - some of these are terribly slow compared to others and worse still are the ones that use false security reports to get you to install them and then buy them.
  • Hard Disk - a full disk is generally a slow disk defragmenting can help a little but in most situations is somewhat overrated. Deleting unwanted temporary files is often just as effective.
All of the above problems occur time to time and sometimes can be hard to deal with, at Want Pc Help we offer a standard service to all customers when they sign up for a contract we offer to provide this service free everytime, for other customer home users mainly we offer competitve prices.
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