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Parental Controls setup in London

Parental Control Software Set-Up and Tuition

Children present unique security risks when they use a computer—not only do you have to keep them safe, you have to protect the data on your computer. By taking some simple steps, you can dramatically reduce the risks. At Want PC Help we offer you control, where you can control your child usage of the computer and help block any unwanted sites or any virus from infecting your computer.



What are the risks?

  • Inadvertent exposure to inappropriate images or content.
  • Solicitation by sexual predators in chat rooms and by email.
  • Online bullying or harassment.
  • Piracy of software, music or video.
  • Disclosure of personal information.
  • Spy ware and viruses.
  • Excessive commercialism: advertising and product-related websites.
  • Illegal downloads, such as copyright-protected music files.


Software tools we offer: 


We offer Software tools that can help filter out sexual images, monitor children’s online activity, limit the amount of time your child spends online and even block their ability to send out personal information.


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