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Computer Data Backup and Transfer PC Repairs

Data Backup and Transfers

Save Precious Media, backup important data and transfer files to a new PC.

Precious pictures, a massive music collection and important documents could all easily be deleted by mistake. We keep our whole world on our computers these days, but what if a virus destroys your hard drive or you accidentally delete a folder?

  • Have an Agent visit you At Home to backup your desktop
  • Bring your laptop to our offices
  • We show you how to make on-going backups to keep stuff safe

When you buy a new laptop or desktop, we can also transfer over all the data from one machine to the other. We'll show you how to make a one-off backup to DVD, an external hard drive, USB stick or online and teach you how to automate further backups, so it does it all for you without thinking.

Want Pc Help Top Tips

  • Decide which files you cannot live without
  • Name your folders so they're easy to find
  • Delete stuff not needed every few months

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